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Hair Extensions

Ayla's Beauty Bar has partnered with Barbiez Boutique to create your dream hair. Are you wishing for longer or thicker hair? Our tape in hair extensions are perfect for you. Our prices include the purchase of the hair extensions, installation and styling. If you already own good quality extensions, the price will be lowered and we will install and style them for you.









Unsure of what to get? Message Ayla's Beauty Bar (details below) or Barbiez Boutique (details below) for any inquiries regarding length, thickness and how much you will need to create your dream hair. The amount of hair you will need, and the price will depend on the type and thickness of your natural hair.


D​o not wash or get hair wet for 72 hours
Brush your extensions carefully to stop them from tangling.
When washing only apply conditioner to the ends and mid length of your extensions, avoid applying any conditioner to the root area.
For best results leave conditioner in ends for 3-5 minutes and comb through to remove any tangles before rinsing thoroughly.
Weekly treatments are recommended.
Always wash your hair immediately after exercise.
Dry your hair immediately after washing.
Do not use dry shampoo on the tapes as it will cause them to loose stickiness.
Wash your hair using vertical movements not circular or horizontal to avoid tangles.
Apply leave in conditioner and heat protector before blow drying or using any heated tools.
Apply oil to the ends of your hair twice a day.
Sleep with your extensions in a loose side plait.
Always brush your hair before washing to ensure there are no tangles.
Hold your extensions at the root when brushing to avoid tension to the weft.
Always wash your hair in the shower, never wash hair in the bath.

Use a PROFESSIONAL shampoo and conditioner which is paraben & sulphate free, a moisture or colour range is best. Avoid natural products as they contain too much protein, which is bad for extension maintenance. Any volume, repair or protein products are not suitable.(recommend Jadore Hair extension shampoo & conditioner, or Amazing Hair shampoo & conditioner for hair extensions, LINKS BELOW ). 

Hair extensions should last up to 6 weeks, then need to book again for installation. 

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